Dear Friends,

We hope everyone is adjusting well to the new norm of life in these uncertain times. We sure do miss you all and, although our plans to reopen were thwarted, we haven’t forgotten about you!

As you may know, we have been undergoing a significant remodel and have been working hard to give the space some much needed attention. We have also taken this opportunity to review and revise our menu, keeping our old favorites and adding some new and exciting options! We also replaced all the beer lines and taps and will have a brand new selection of beers to choose from! Additionally, we have created a cocktail list that we are really excited about, and hope you will be too!

In the meantime, we are CLOSED. We ARE NOT offering take out, unfortunately, but hope that you will consider one of our neighboring restaurants for your local, takeout needs.

Connect with us on Facebook! It’s the best and fastest way to get in touch with us right now and easiest way to stay tuned with our progress. Plus, we would love to hear from you!! Stay safe, Durango, and we are excited to see you soon!


OTC Family